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The First Floor

Come in!  Come in!  Welcome! It’s so good to see you! 

Here, let me take your coat.
The coat closet is here in the hallway.  I’ll hang it up for you.

The sofa? I inherited that.  It was my great-grandmother’s.  Isn’t the velvet upholstery pretty?  Fortunately the cats don’t sleep on it.  I’d have to brush the sofa as well as the cats if they did.

The oriental runner was my grandmother’s. Yes, it’s getting worn, but I like it and for now it’s staying right here.  The slate tile floors are nice, but in the winter, especially, they can be very cold.

That horse? My ex hated it.  I like it.  It was painted on canvas by a street artist in India. Perhaps I’ll give you a tour of my art collection some time.

Let’s head into the Living Room and sit down.  It looks like Jack left his laptop on the cuddle chair.

Yes, I loved the view as soon as I first walked into this house!

It’s a shame it’s so foggy today.  If it were clear, you’d be able to see across Allsopp Park to the opposite ridge of Hillcrest.  Being so high lets us look out over the treetops.  Sometimes, when I sit in here, I feel like I’m in a tree house.

The cuddle chair?  That’s our couch.  As you can see it’s a big round chaise plenty big enough for two.  Because of its circular shape, the two people sitting in it sort of naturally lean toward each other and can’t help but cuddle.  Jack and I sit here with our dueling laptops and watch movies, and just hang out.  I have it covered in faux emu with really fancy tassels. I’m going to make some throw pillows for it from old mink coats I got at a garage sale to really fancy it up.  (I just had to throw something in about my sewing machine.)

 Yes, we watch the movies on a big screen.  The previous owners had hidden the television in the cabinets, but I decided to do a home theater.  The people who built this house were serious audiophiles – the husband was in a band made up of doctors like himself – and they left behind four Klipsch loudspeakers that were built into the walls. You can see one of them in the photo, sort of in the middle of the wall to the right of the TV. Since my ex got the Bose in the divorce I decided to replace it with something worthy of those magnificent speakers. Jack was skeptical that I knew what I was doing. The day it was installed, Jack arrived at the house and gaped.  “Did I do OK, son?” I asked. He nodded, slinging drool everywhere.  What a mess.  I have a problem, though.  The stereo gets so hot in that cabinet that I need to vent it somehow.  I’m thinking to put something like a dryer vent that goes through the exterior wall, with a fan in the cabinet to stir the air. I have to find someone willing to hang on three stories up to install it, though.

Here’s a view of the living room from the windows.  You can see another of those Klipsch speakers just to the left of the elephant’s head.

That display case is an antique French library that I restored.  It’s an entire blog in and of itself.

Behind the living room is the kitchen – Jack and I can sit at the bar and watch TV while we eat.

(Since we can see and hear the TV perfectly well from the kitchen bar, please tell me why I find pop tart wrappers in the cushions of the cuddle chair, and why plates seem to stack up on the coffee table on weekends.  Please explain this. Please.)

Also behind the living room is the dining room.

You should join me for dinner sometime.

My office is behind that wall – just to the right of that overflowing bookcase. I work from home. That’s why I’m usually around when you IM me.

My office is a mess.  Don’t look too closely.

Jane sits in the black chair and I sit in the chair by the window. 

Her workspace is much tidier than mine.

Yes, well, enough of the office.

You want to see Jack’s room?  Oh, dear.  Well, the bed is made, but I don’t think it’s very neat or clean. I’m just giving you fair warning.

Back to the front hallway, and to the end of the hall… yes, turn right into that next hallway.  You’ll see it.

It’s definitely a teenager’s room, isn’t it? That’s the same bed I slept in growing up. It had a canopy when I was a kid.  For some reason Jack didn’t think the canopy was manly, so we removed it.  It leans up against a wall of the garage now.

You’ll notice that his bookcase also overflows. That’s not the only place he keeps books.  He’s a pretty voracious reader, I’m happy to say.  We are planning on adding bookshelves when we remodel in the spring.

Yes, remodel. You’re seeing the “before” pictures.

Oh, the bathroom?  You need to visit the facilities? Sure.  It’s right next door.

I’ll wait for you in the hallway to continue the tour….

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