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Yet Another Typical IM Troll

hot_guy: hi
Me: you can’t be serious. Your ID is “hot guy?
hot_guy: yes
Me: why
Me: are you just trolling for cybersex?
hot_guy: i don’t know
Me: you don’t
hot_guy: no now
hot_guy: cyber
hot_guy: u want cyber?
Me: hell, no
hot_guy: ok
hot_guy: Image
hot_guy: what are u doing
Me: reading news
hot_guy: hmm
hot_guy: ok
hot_guy: i am search hot lady now
hot_guy: Image
Me: well, this one’s cold
hot_guy: hmm
hot_guy: where hot ladyys ?
hot_guy: Image
Me: My guess is that they’ve been sacrificed to the volcano gods
Me: why don’t you go see?
hot_guy: ok
Me: Habib, is this you?
Me: I’ll kill ya….
hot_guy: no
hot_guy: i am kevin
Mei: ok
Me: nevermind, then
hot_guy: ok
Me: Why in the world did you contact me?
hot_guy: ok

November 8, 2006 - Posted by | Humor, IM

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