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Government Report: Measuring Stability and Security in Iraq

In a nutshell, even though “Mission Accomplished” happened years ago, the violence is much worse.  Aren’t we proud of what we did for that country? The people are so much better off! You only stop the killing by having a stable government in place.  And didn’t we do a good job of making sure their government was stable?

I’ll be the first to agree that Saddam Hussein was and probably still is evil incarnate on a par with Stalin and Hitler and Vlad the Impaler.  Obviously something or someone needed to stop him and his heinous offspring from their reign of terror.  But that is what revolutions are for.  Now we and our allies are mired in a situation that is repidly deteriorating into a much larger mess with as many people being murdered daily as Saddam himself managed.  Are we really improving things?

I admit to selfish motivation.  There is someone in Iraq right now who I very desperately want to come home as soon as possible in one piece.

Here’s a link to the report, dated August 29:

Measuring Stability and Security in Iraq

September 1, 2006 - Posted by | Iraq, News, Politics

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