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Will the Killing Ever End?

When will it end? What is the point of Iraqi bombers targeting a market where men, women, children, and elderly people are going about the business of daily living? To protest grocery shopping? To shout against the unfairness of pomegranate prices? To frighten people away from the places they need to go as a matter of survival? Iraqi terrorist bombers are targeting their own wives, sisters and mothers. They kill their own tiny sons and daughters and their motives are unfathomable. They murder their grandmothers. They slaughter their fathers and grandfathers and cousins.

Why do the Iraqi and American governments claim no civil war is going on there? How can such a claim possibly be justified? Identifiable segments of society in Iraq have not only declared American soldiers as targets, but Iraqi citizens as well. Government buildings house the regulations and operations of complex institutions. They are the repositories of the records. Owning property, probating a will, and obtaining a guardianship are a few of the ways people interact with their governments. When these records are destroyed, lives are disrupted.

I just don’t get it.

August 30, 2006 - Posted by | Iraq, Politics

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